Art History, Art Studio (B.A.)

Art History, Art Studio (B.A.)

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Interest in and appreciation of visual art - whether it's your own or someone else's - is the foundation for two related and complementary degree programs at Bloomsburg.

Art Studio majors undertake the study of art studio for many reasons, including self-expression, to learn an artistic process and to pursue a vocation in the field.

Art History majors learn understanding works of creativity through the ages and across diverse cultures and often work as historians, curators, or dealers in fine art.

At BU, your understanding of art, whether it is an artistic medium such as photography or an artistic period such as the Italian Renaissance, will reveal evidence of our most subtle, elevated and human forms of visual expression.

The art studio and art history undergraduate degrees both provide the foundation for future activity in the discipline, whether it be employment for which a bachelor's degree is suitable or further advanced study at the graduate level at another institution. For students in minor programs in art history and art studio, for students in other degree programs and for non-degree participants, the Art Department offers experiences, training and insight into the fascinating world of art.

Art Studio (B.A.)

You'll find studio courses in computer graphics, crafts, drawing, graphics, painting, photography and sculpture and develop skills which will be a deep source of personal satisfaction now and throughout life. In the studio courses, you'll learn the discipline and technical processes for creating art as well as the aesthetic principles associated with that medium. The latter takes place particularly in the critiques, the in-depth class discussions of the work the class has accomplished.

Your art curriculum will be built around classes in drawing, three and two-dimensional design, painting, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, as well as art history courses. Next, you'll work closely with your academic advisor to supplement studio time with general education courses and electives in both art and other academic areas that complement your interests and artistic direction.

Art History (B.A.)

You'll develop a basic visual vocabulary of great works of art and architecture past and present and the capacity to articulate their appearance, to describe and discuss the cultures they evidence and to explore the ideals and practices of their times. The museum and the library are the studio of the art historian.

While the emphasis on art history dominates your program in this flexible discipline, you'll also get studio time to hone your own skills and creative instincts. Your advisor will give you the individual attention that comes with a small and personalized program to assemble a course sequence of general education, art electives and free electives that will lead you to a useful foundation for a degree and career as an art historian.

Minor in Art Studio, Art History

Open to all students interested in art, the flexibility of either art major allows students to minor in the opposite and develop a balanced portfolio of skills. Art majors can also minor in a wide array of other academic programs, depending on individual inclination.

Department faculty

Besides their facility in their discipline and their experience in teaching, the Art Department faculty bring to the classroom an impressive array of experiences and expertise to share with the students. Faculty bring an array of artistic skills and talents to the classroom and studio, including international stature in the field of art history - including an annual elective course studying masterpieces in Italy.

Gallery - Permanent Art Collection. The department operates the Haas Gallery of Art, which features exhibitions of varied art forms throughout the year. A special exhibition of student artwork is held annually, and an exhibition organized and planned by students in the art gallery course is held in the spring of each year. The department of art maintains an extensive permanent art collection of more than 400 pieces with works displayed throughout the campus.

Student activities

Students participate in many activities that enrich and expand the classroom experience. In addition to trips to New York City and Washington, D.C., galleries and museums, the Haas Gallery brings several artists to campus each semester to show their work and to meet and talk with students. An active Student Art Association offers activities like movies and trips for its members and organizes the annual, juried Student Art Exhibition.

The annual Student Symposium in Art History prepares students for a major expectation of an academic career: the presentation of original research papers in professional settings. Preparatory workshops introduce calls-for-papers, abstracts, image technologies, and oral presentation techniques, which culminate in critiqued presentations before an audience. Beginning in 2005, the Symposium will become part of the Department's Review Week activities and eventually will be required for junior and senior art history majors.


Spacious facilities with high ceilings, good natural light, plenty of ventilation and open floor designs permit you to work on projects large and small, with room for large group discussions or individual critique. Supporting the several studios are up-to-date equipment and supplies, as well as traditional tools to give the individual artist the maximum range of expression in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, computer graphics, and mixed media.