Anthropology Department News 2011

Anthropology Department News 2011

Student anthropologists' research on display

Anthropology Research Showcase BU’s Department of Anthropology hosted a campus forum on Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, in Andruss Library's Schweiker Room, showcasing student research, including presentations on ethnographic research addressing cultural ecology, fracking, and wildlife protection. Other presented research include 9/11 adult children of trauma, divorce, marriage, designer babies, college adjustment and social support, women in sports, disaster anthropology, ethnomusicology, anthropology on aging and library ethnography. The forum is supported by the College of Liberal Arts Curricular Enhancement Fund.

Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
  • Chelsea Myers – Reconsidering Ranger Smith, Yogi Bear, and Boo Boo: Shifting Tidemarks in the Conflict Between Human Encroachment, Wildlife Habitats, and Wildlife Protection Agencies.
  • Jimmy Muwombi, Frank Hickman, Nathan Graham and Jeff Huhfer – Community Flood Support: An Application of Public Relations Anthropology in Response to a Natural Disaster
  • Julie A. Steffen – What the Fack? Opinions on Fracking and the Natural Gas Industry
  • Alexa Rose – Library Ethnography: Examining Student Use of Andruss Library
  • Mike Grevera & Katelyn McMichael – Never Forget: Examining the Enculturation of Traumatized Youth in the Wake of the Terrorist Violence of 9/11
  • Brittany L. Vaszlavik – poster
  • Elizabeth Kinder – Views of Divorce & Marriage in a College-Student Population
  • Morgan Fornwald – “Designer Babies” – The Future of Human Evolution?
  • Krystal Swedo & Jessica Hein – Senior Citizens and Social Support Networks
  • Sasha Strickland – Heavy Metal Generation
  • Stephanie Synoski – How Men Trap Shooters View Women Trap Shooters
  • Monique Harmon – Student Views on Same-Sex Marriage

Students present at American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings

Anthropology students Kristin Kelly, Jenn D'Amico, Mike Grevera, Eva Yuen, Katelyn McMichael and recent graduate Melanie Yodock attended the 110th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings in Montreal, Canada, from Nov. 16 to 20, 2011. aculty member, Faith R. Warner accompanied the students. Their travel was supported by COLA Student Professional Development grants and the CGA.

Student Presentations
  • Chelsea Myers, "Reconsidering Ranger Smith, Yogi Bear and BooBoo: Shifting Tidemarks in the Conflict Between Human Encroachment, Wildlife Habitats, and Wildlife Protection Agencies" (poster, mentored by Faith Warner)
  • Mike Grevera and Katelyn McMichael, "Adult Children of Trauma: Tracing the Traces of Violence in the Cultural Legacy of 9/11" (poster, mentored by Faith Warner)
  • Melanie Yodock, "Archaeology's Portrayal in the Media" (poster, mentored by DeeAnne Wymer and Faith Warner)
    • A dream field experience

      Maryam Cristillo A dream educational trip to Egypt gave Maryam Cristillo more than just an once-in-a-lifetime archeological experience. It opened her eyes to a deep passion for art. The new-found love, along with her commitment to studying culture, led Cristillo in pursuit of bachelor’s degrees in art studio and anthropology.

      Seniors showcase honors research in Arizona

      Honors Research Brittany L. Vaszlavik (right) recently won one of the most prestigious awards at the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) conference in Phoenix. Vaszlavik, senior anthropology/English major, won NCHC Best Poster Award for "Social Support and the College Freshmen Experience.” Katherine Zimmerman, senior senior special education/elementary education major, presented "A Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Campers’ Behavior."

      Anthropology honors its highest achievers

      Anthropology Honors Society
      BU’s anthropology program recently honored its 2011 Lamba Alpha National Collegiate Honor Society in Anthropology Zeta of Pennsylvania inductees, as well as Victoria Schlieder for receiving the Charles R. Jenkins Certificate of Distinguished Achievement and being a finalist for the National Lamba alpha Senior Scholarship Award. The 2011 inductees include Morgan Fornwald, Karissa Monica, Alexa Rose, Meredith Womer, Eva Yuen, Jennifer Culeman, Ashley Zantene, Morgan Fornwald, Shannon Bilder, Jennifer D’Amico, Kirstin Kelly, Kristy Turnbull, Brittany Vaszlavik, Melanie Yodock and Tracy Byrne.

      Anthropology researchers converge on BU

      Anthropology Research Conference
      Anthropology students from six PASSHE universities participated in 25th Annual PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference, supported by BU’s College of Liberal Arts and BU’s Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs, on Saturday, April 16, and Sunday, April 17, in the Kehr Union Building. The conference, open to the public, is hosted by the Anthropology Club and Lambda Alpha Honors Society in Anthropology, Zeta of PA.