Act 101/EOP Admissions Guidelines

Act 101/EOP Admissions Guidelines

Act 101/EOP The highest priority for admission is reserved for Act 101/EOP applicant with a 800 or higher on the SAT, academic ranking in the upper half of their high school class and a 95 percent or better attendance rate in high school.

Students applying for admission must also submit a recommendation from a counselor or teacher describing how the student would benefit from being admitted into the program. Students admitted to Bloomsburg University through Act 101/EOP are admitted on a conditional basis.

Students must complete a six-week pre-college summer program before being invited to return in the fall. Exceptions are only granted by the program director. Approximately 95 percent of summer participants return in the fall.

How to Apply
    Apply online for admissions to Act 101/EOP by checking the appropriate box on the application (This applicant is a candidate for Act 101/EOP).

Part-Time Program

This program is designed to enhance achievement for academically or economically disadvantaged individuals. In 1991, BU received a $34,000 grant allowing up to 50 students to be admitted as part-time degree-seeking students. The grant was funded through Act 101 and continues to be funded.

To be eligible for this program, an applicant must:

  • be a Pennsylvania resident with an adjusted gross income as determined by the Health and Human Services poverty guidelines, which considers family size and total income. Income is based on the previous year's earnings.
  • must be a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
  • must submit high school transcripts (SAT tests are not mandatory) for consideration.

The benefits of the Part-Time Program include:

    Guidance in the selection of courses, guidance in the selection of a program of study, guidance in registering for classes, guidance in applying for financial aid, advisement on incompletes, add/drops, withdrawals and other academic concerns, advisement concerning personal situations that could affect the student's performance at Bloomsburg University, monitoring of academic progress and tutoring.