Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Elena Brobyn- Navarro

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but spent the majority of my adolescence in the Bloomsburg, PA area. After pursuing what I was “good at” (Genetic Engineering) I spent time pursuing what I loved (English), and earned a B.A. in English Literature before continuing on to complete a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs at from Bloomsburg University. Teaching at a local community college while coordinating English/Humanities/Social Science tutoring, I developed a deep interest in cultivating individual student success. My academic interests are critically reading textbooks and reading strategies, study skills, and approaches to test taking.

I love coffee, and in my free time I enjoy dressing like a barista and making lattes at Starbucks. I also love reading, writing, camping, hiking, playing music, and searching YouTube for oddly amusing videos.

Virginia Larson

First off, please call me Ginny. Yes, just like in Harry Potter.

I was born in Ohio, where I spent the first quarter of my life before moving to Bloomsburg, PA. I earned a B.S. in Business Administration and a M. Ed. in College Student Affairs from Bloomsburg University. In between earning my degrees I spent time in Virginia and Allentown, PA working in Retail Management before discovering my passion for working with college students. My academic interests are study strategies, time management, and note taking.

In my spare time I enjoying jogging, hiking, completing 5k’s, attending fairs, festivals, concerts and spending time with friends and family.