Continuing the Conversation:
Religion and Spirituality in LGBTQA Communities

November 7 - 8, 2014

Call for Presentations

For the past six years the Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference has offered a variety of sessions designed to address issues of the LGBTQA community on college campuses. This year, the conference will address varying issues of religion and spirituality surrounding our diverse identities with our conference theme “Continuing the Conversation: Religion and Spirituality in LQBTQA Communities.” We would like to invite proposals on topics which might address this theme, including but not limited to:

  • Developing allies
  • Advocacy
  • Classroom dynamics & educational strategies
  • Organizing/managing student groups
  • Community relations
  • Autoethnographic and performative narratives
  • Support systems and networking
  • Related research findings in any discipline

Presentations may take many forms: a round table discussion, a symposium or workshop, a panel of academic papers, etc. Proposed symposia or workshops should be no longer than 60 minutes, including questions and answers. We would also like to encourage the submission of academic paper presentations: individuals (15-20 minutes) that could be grouped together or proposed panels (2-3 individuals) that could fill the allotted 60 minutes. Proposals will be evaluated and accepted based on their quality and relevance to the conference and community. To best accommodate all participants, we cannot guarantee your first duration preference.

Proposal Deadline: August 1, 2014

Proposals should be submitted electronically via the form below.

Note: All sessions submitted by students should include the name of the Faculty Advisor.

Please email any questions, comments, and concerns to the Bloomsburg University LGBTQA Resource Center,

Presentation Space Accommodations

All sessions will be held in university classrooms which include the following equipment:

  • Projection Screen
  • Windows 7 Workstation w/Internet Access
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop Computer connection via standard VGA
  • Wireless Internet Access


Submission Form

Please include a 100 word description of the session to be printed in the conference program.
Please indicate the style of your presentation. If applicable, you may select multiple options.
Please indicate your preferred session duration. If your presentation is flexible, you may select multiple options.
Please include a 300-500 word abstract which outlines the proposed content and objectives of the session as well as relevance to the conference theme.
Please list the learning/outcome objectives of your session.
Please describe the relevance of your session to our conference theme.
Please enter the full name of the primary presenter as you would like it printed in the conference program. This person will also be the primary point of contact for all communication.
i.e. Student, Professor of ..., Director of ..., etc. to be printed in the conference program.
Please provide the College/University, Organization, or Company name to be printed in the conference program.
Please provide a valid email address. All communication will be returned to this address.
Please include the full names, titles, and institutions/organizations for all additional presenters and/or advisors to be printed in the conference program.
I understand that by submitting this session proposal I agree to register for conference participation, pay all applicable fees, and arrange for all transportation and lodging necessary to participate in the conference. I will not seek reimbursement for any conference expenses from Bloomsburg University and/or the Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference Committee. I understand that failure to submit payment of the full conference fee by the date required on the registration page will forfeit inclusion of this session proposal in the conference schedule. In the event of a scheduling conflict that prohibits my attendance, I will notify the conference committee to cancel my submission via email no less than 3 weeks before the conference.